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medical id bracelet

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Medical Data when its needed

Download by First responder. NOW WITH COVID VACCINATION RECORD

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Medical Data available when you need it most

Simple phone/tablet scan to download vital medical data
Not a one word ID but a full medical data record immediately in the hands of first responders!

Medical IDs are not just for emergencies, they eliminate trips to the hospital, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and prevent minor emergencies from becoming major ones. Medical IDs save lives! Physicians and healthcare organizations around the world recommend medical IDs for people living with one or more medical conditions. Having a medical ID at all times offers peace of mind and reassurance that in an emergency, responders are alerted to your medical condition or history. 95% of emergency responders check for medical identification around the wrist and/or neck or wallet. A person's medical condition is one of the most vital pieces of information required for immediate and accurate treatment. Having medical ID can help prevent misdiagnosis, unwanted drug interaction, and treatments that can pose risk to a patient’s medical condition. BUT we don't feel that its enough just to have a one or two word ID bracelet or necklace: We provide a free QR code so that the first responder can download extensive medical information directly to their phone or tablet. Check out the example of a typical downloadable medical ID AND ITS FREE See a sample of typical data

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